August Update In The Workshop – The Serigraph Print Saga Continues

At my last posting in July, I was in the midst of a setback with my four screens I was using to make the new serigraph print. I had to stop what I was doing and just build 4 new screens and start over making the four value separation stencils. I accomplished that and have …

Studio Update and Status Report

This studio workshop is taking forever to get finished! Right now it is a chaotic mess inside with tools strewn all over the place and projects, both art and workspace related, half completed and laying around everywhere.

One problem is my time is split between here and traveling to Georgia to visit my little wife who is working up there and has her own apartment. She wants me to spend all my time there, but I really need to be here doing things here! Oy veh! What a predicament!

I finally got my drain sewer pump and line installed so my drains work; shower, washout sink, vanity, toilet, and I completed installation of the small water heater and got all my pex lines connected and crimped inside. I just need to crawl under the house and tie in to the main water line. Hopefully there will be no leaks! I also got my tiles laid on the bathroom floor. I just need to grout to complete the floor, then I can install the vanity and toilet. Once I ensure there are no water leaks, I can finish the sheetrock work and move on to to the rest of the workshop walls and shelving. It seems like a never ending job.

My fourth bird painting still rests on the easel where it needs to be painted soon. I have gessoed canvasses leaning everywhere; large and small!

Colder weather is coming and it would be nice if I could get my heating and cooling system installed and working, but that is a ways down the road. I will probably have to rely on my trusty kerosene space heater again this winter. The main issue in this area is the interminable hot summers. I’m just glad for some cooler air, even if it did have to go through two hurricanes to get here.

Well, that’s it for now. If you are reading this, I promise to have some more art work done real soon! Don’t give up on me!

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The Last Set-Up

I got this table from an art supply store in Atlanta back in 1986. Binders is the name of the store. I worked at their picture framing production location in Buckhead at the time and this table was damaged merchandise that I got at a very good price. Since 1986 I have done many, many …