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Painted Bunting Completed

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I got the Painted Bunting bird painting done! The 4th in the group of four, and it took forever to get this 4th one done. This colorful little bird only has this color in its second year of life and then its gone. The yellow background highlights the brightness of the bird itself and makes for a more varied grouping if the 4 paintings are hung together. This photo doesn’t even come close to what the painting actually looks like. The yellow is brighter. The bird is more colorful and the branch has so much detail I really enjoyed doing that small part.

Finally Some Progress…At Last

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Well the “Anti-Muse” is gone. Vamoosed! Runoft! She found something better and no longer is with me. My 4th divorce was finalized on July 9th.

I suppose I can credit that event, and the ensuing emotional trauma attached thereto as something of a motivation to get back to work, but in reality its just all the free time I now have to think about what to do. Summer is here and its hot out in the studio these days, limiting my work hours to early morning before about noon. But I decided I had to finish the work I started.

The last few days I’ve been working on that last small bird painting, and its coming right along. It is the 4th in that series. This one is the small Painted Bunting seen below. 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas.

Once I have it all done, I have another grandchild who is now 11 and been waiting on a portrait since she was 8…or maybe before. Everyone knows I am slow, but often it seems like I have forgotten. But if you read this Ellie, I have never forgotten! I just have to decide what medium and how big to do her portrait.

That’s all for now. Progress is progress! No matter how slow. Right?

Moving Right Along

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Since we are in the middle of a pandemic and everybody is socially isolating I have, for some strange reason, been motivated to do some painting…that is more painting than my normal snail’s pace. It might have something to do with my wife being here at home since her company went on lock down and laid everyone off temporarily. I don’t have to cook and eat my own cooking right now. Plus…Well, we won’t go there but I must admit it is nice to have her back here doing what Juvy does. She still stays up way too late at night and sleeps half the day, but I really think that is in her DNA, being from the Philippines.

At any rate, I have managed to almost complete the second of a pair of portraits I was commissioned to do. They are small (16 x 20) but I’ve never really enjoyed doing commissioned portraits of people because I stress out over not getting them perfect. Then there is always that one person who wants to look better than they really look and expects me as the artist to make it so. Portrait artists in general accept that, and generally try to accommodate the client but it bugs the hell out of me and I find myself just not being “in the groove” as I paint them, making the job a chore rather than relaxing and fun. But that’s just me.


Now that the 2nd portrait is just about finished, I can relax a bit…so I went ahead and started the third bird painting in my series of four. It is an image of a Goldfinch.

Third Bird – Goldfinch

New Work

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I added a new completed bird painting to the oil painting gallery today. It’s been in the works for a while, but now its done. The Great Tit painting. If you get a chance check out the whole gallery. The plan is to do 2 more of these birds for a set of 4. Right now I have begun a new portrait for a commission. That one is taking a bit more perseverance but it is well on its way. No pics of it yet as it is not at a point that is presentable yet.

Great Tit bird oil painting

Another project that I am beginning is my idea of painting on masonite panels using unfolded store product packaging, like crackers and cereal, as reference. I have saved numerous sizes and shapes of those boxes for the last 5 years with this idea in mind. We’ll see how it goes. These will be done using several mediums; oil paint, silkscreen and possibly pencil as well…color pencil. Below is the first panel I’ve built for one of those pieces. It is taken from the unfolded cereal box beside it there. Lloyd says I am eccentric. This might just validate that theory.