Mid Week Jaunt with Lil Chubb


Last week I solved the rat’s nest issue, replaced the air filter and changed the engine oil in Lil Chubb since it was about time. I got up today and donned my kevlar lined riding jeans determined to go for a ride today. I felt like I needed to see how she was running after the oil change, etc. Once all the morning routines had been accomplished and after getting the rest of my gear on, I rolled her out the door of the shop and took off. The weather was spectacular! Sunny and clear with a temperature hovering right in the sweet zone for riding without freezing or being toasty!

I had planned to take a couple of hours and wander around on some local roads maybe finding a nice park to stop and enjoy with my book. I took a book to read! She ran beautifully and the cooler air made the engine hum and the power increase was noticeable.

I headed east on US Hwy 31 through Flomaton, then took a left at AL 113, toward the interstate. Today was not going to be an interstate ride at all, however. I needed a bottle of water so I pulled into a Valero station and bought me a cold bottle of water, drinking about a third of it before stowing it in the top bag.

Once back on the bike I rode across I-65 continuing on the same road which was supposed to take me through Barnett Crossroads. Looking at the map it appeared that a road continued there on to Repton which would connect me back with bigger highways heading west. I took that same road through Barnett Crossroads and was really enjoying the pleasant ride through farm country with lots of cotton growing. Suddenly the pavement ended and dirt was in front of me. Now, I don’t mind riding in dirt, but this dirt road could possibly become even smaller and then just end as someone’s driveway, so I turned around and stayed on the pavement going back the way I came, making a right…north…at Barnett Crossroads on yet another small road. Maybe this was the connector! I passed several more big cotton fields and a creek, which I assume was Sardine Creek which meanders all over this part of the country. The road was paved but it had several patches of gravel where some road work was ongoing. That didn’t bother me at all, but eventually, just like the other road, the pavement ended again.

I stopped a couple of times to enjoy the scenery and take a few photos, but ended up going back across the interstate and taking a nice secondary road to the west off of 113. This nice road took me eventually back to North Canoe Rd. which I knew would take me back to US 31. Once on 31 I just scooted back to Atmore, stopping for gas as I got into town. All in all a very pleasant little jaunt. Not too long and just long enough to stretch my pony’s legs a bit. She ran superb!

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