Grand Tour of Georgia 2021

I thought I had it planned out so well. I drove up to north Georgia the last week of October and was planning on riding for 3 or 4 days to pick up the remaining locations needed to finish this thing. My plan was to do 5 each day! I arrived on Monday the 25th and got the bike checked and prepped for riding. I charged up the battery and checked tire air pressure, as well as lights and brakes. All seemed fine. Then on Tuesday morning when I got up and started to warm up the bike, it didn’t want to stay started. It kept dying after running a couple of minutes. I decided it was probably some moisture condensation in the gas tank, so after I let it run some more to warm up I hopped on and headed for a gas station. By this time the stalling symptoms had gone away mostly.

I wanted to make a big loop south down past I-20 to Monticello area and then east on I-20 a ways and back north. My first stop was “Poppy Lady” memorial down close to Monroe. She, Molina Michael, was born at this site and is famous for coming up with the idea to sell poppies at Veterans Day to help disabled vets. This location was only about 17 miles away so I found it pretty quickly, got my pic and headed farther south toward Monticello.

The 2nd stop was the little bait, fishing tackle and beer store made famous by the movie My Cousin Vinney called “Sac-O-Suds”. It took me another hour to ride down there and find that place so once there I went inside and got a cup of hot coffee.

The 3rd stop was “Heavy’s BBQ” to the east near Crawfordville just off I-20. I wandered north from “Sac-O-Suds” until I found I-20 then took a right and slabbed it a ways.

Once I visited “Heavy’s BBQ” and got my pictures, I had to decide if I wanted to ride on over to Augusta for a location there…or just ride back north to a nearer spot up near Lake Hartwell. I did a quick mental calculation, based on my speed so far, and thought better of trying to hit Augusta in order to make it back to home base before dark. So the 4th, and final, stop for the day was the “Georgia Guidestones” near Nuberg, GA just south of Lake Hartwell.

After I visited the “Guidestones” location for a few minutes, it was early afternoon and since I had not stopped to eat, I was feeling a bit famished and tired. For some reason, I had a hard time directing Lil Chubb back in the direction for Athems and Jackson County. I found myself going in circles but finally got on the right track and headed back to home base. Once I got near home I stopped a small Mexican restaurant and ordered me a sit-down meal as I rested.

I was pretty tired so it was a good thing I didn’t try to go to Augusta that day.

On Wednesday I got roped into going to Sandy Springs in my truck to meet a friend for lunch. That was a pleasant visit but I wasted a day of biking with all the traffic encountered coming and going to that part of Atlanta. Then it began to cloud up that night and rained the next three days. I needed to load up the bike and bring the bike and trailer back to south Alabama so this ended my chances of finishing the challenge this year. Oh well! There’s always next year.


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