Twin Valley Rally and Beyond

September brought the second of my planned ride events for this fall. The Twin Valley Riders rally, known simply as the TVR, is held in September each year at Willville Motorcycle campground near Meadows of Dan, Virginia, which is situated right beside the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nice and cool location and the roads are spectacular for motorcycle riding!

I drove my truck up to my son’s place in Jackson County Georgia on Tuesday, the 14th, and the next morning packed up Lil Chubb with my camping gear and headed north to meet some other guys in Franklin, NC. I arrived there a little ahead of time and they finally showed up, coming from the other side of Georgia in the Marietta area.

Once we all got fueled up again, as a group we directed our ponies further north to Little Switzerland, NC and spent a nice comfy night at the Diamondback Lodge there. There was six (6) of us. I believe we were all on BMWs. Three big GSes, a little one, and two RTs. Little Switzerland is nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina not too far from Boone but well north of Asheville.

The next morning it was raining slightly and we took off in the morning mist, which cleared up as we ventured further north and east toward Meadows of Dan. Some of our ride that day took us along the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) and a few other curvy roads in Virginia. We arrived at Willville on Thursday, a day early for the rally, but we wanted secure some good sites before the crowds came on Friday. Some 200 riders are usually expected for this rally, and Willville is not a large venue. Consequently the tents and bikes are fairly well packed in there come sleepy time.

Willville is named after the owner and host, Will Beers, who has had that campground there for many years to accommodate motorcyclists riding through from all over the country. He has a large community fire pit and seating ring that many take advantage of toward nightfall to sit around the fire and talk about all sorts of things.

We met some new friends and had a blast just socializing around the campfire and at our own campsite at night. I think we solved at least a couple of the world’s problems that weekend.

Sunday is typically the last day of the rally and most everybody packs up and heads home Sunday morning. My Georgia crew did that as well and the five of them rode down to Waynesville, NC that day to spend a night there before going on home on Monday.

I decided to stay at Willville and camp one more night on Sunday, then on Monday morning I pointed Lil Chubb east onto US Hwy 58 headed for my daughter’s house in Virginia Beach. I arrived there about 3 pm and got settled in with the family and the dog and the cat and took a good shower and rested for a few days while I read my book and enjoyed their company in the evenings. I departed on the following Saturday morning and rode all the way back on Hwy 58 returning to Willville for one more cold night of sleeping under the stars. It got down to about 40 that night! The next morning, Sunday, the 26th, I slabbed it most of the way back to my son’s place in north Georgia. I stowed Lil Chubb and drove back home to south Alabama the next morning.

Home now, and still recuperating on October 3rd! These old bones don’t bounce back too readily these days, but it was a fun and relaxing 2 weeks on the road!

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