Slablog Staff Busy Busy Busy

Our Slablog staff has recently been developing a content density study for our upcoming new format. We all have spent the better part of April and May doing research into the traveling habits of motorcyclists in Wyoming and North Georgia here in the United States. Two elite members of our staff were needed to investigate the same in European back waters and decide if it would be content worthy material to record conversations with people we can’t understand. The consensus is, that other than the British folks it would be pretty much worthless to our many readers to listen to transcripts of foreign discussions where neither interviewer nor interviewee understood one another. Of course Babbelfish would be available as well as other online translators but that would only add to the non-spontaneity of such interviews. So the boys came home…after stopping over for a few nights in Amsterdam. They seem refreshed and alert despite their ordeal, although they seem to be eating way too much junk food.

Meanwhile here on the home front, one of our lady journalists, while in Wyoming has decided to stay there and report her discussions remotely. She is cited as saying, “I am really fond of the cowboys. They are so rugged.” I think she also likes the climate change which that state offers.

All in all a busy time for us. Look for interesting and captivating content soon. It is hot weather now and more bikers are out there wandering the roads all over the northern hemisphere, just waiting to share their stories with our readers.

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