Last year, or the year before…I lose track…I was engaged in painting a series of small bird paintings when my brother Avis expressed an interest in having some bird paintings/pictures done for himself. I already had those 4 paintings done but they weren’t exactly what he had in mind. He wanted a woodpecker! And I didn’t have a woodpecker in that oil painting series. Some months ago (around the family reunion time) he sent me a deposit on his bird pictures he wanted. I had almost forgotten his request but since he sent me money I decided to get busy to get him something made.Read More →

I don’t really understand what has happened to me these last few years. I never had allergy problems before about 10 years ago. Well, I correct that. I had only minor allergy issues previously. Now, as I age, it keeps getting worse each year. Add the pandemic of 2020 on top of that and I have become keenly aware of the sniffles when they arrive. When I was 18 years old I had a buddy of mine throw a red clay encrusted piece of brick at me and hit me square on the nose. breaking said nose. He didn’t know there was a brick inside.Read More →