An Old Hat and A New Drawing

Several years ago I was about to take a long touring ride on my bike and realized I needed an appropriate hat to take along; one that could be squashed and packed, but easily opened up and used to protect my head from the elements while out walking around, and to hide my biker hair. I ended up getting one of those floppy cloth hats but altered it by sewing in some velcro on each side so I could fold up the sides, thereby changing the appearance and keeping the floppy sides from rubbing my ears. My head sweats a lot! A whole lot! Thus the hat also served as a sweat absorber when I worked around the yard in warmer months. Consequently, and inevitably, after repeatedly being sweat soaked and rain soaked and washed, the poor hat began to weaken in strength of fiber. Much like myself. This past summer the weakest areas on top began to tear and develop holes, just like old blue jeans will do at the knee area.

So what does one do when one’s hat has rotted and ripped beyond repair? Of course one does research and locates a new one exactly like the original. Right! That’s what I did. It recently arrived via Amazon in time for me to take a comparison pic for this post. I am looking forward to sewing in the velcro on each side, or maybe just sewing up the sides since I rarely put the side flaps down anyway, even with the velcro.

A week or so ago I posted the video on Youtube showing me working on this new portrait drawing of my granddaughter, Ellie. I’m almost finished with it, but I’m taking some time away from it to study it, write this post and show the “almost finished” product while I sort out what to do next with it, aside from the obvious completion of the main image. I have, in the past, more often than not, added visual elements in portrait drawings that give them a visually symmetrical composition, but not necessarily related at all to the ‘person’ in the portrait. Look at some of my drawings in my web site galleries and you can get an idea of what I mean. I want people to look at it and be amazed at the inexplicably cohesive nature of the composition, but at the same time asking, “Why are those two ______ in there?”

I have just about decided how to “finish” up the drawing and will post an image of the completed work at my web site gallery soon. The hat side flap modification had to wait until I located some khaki thread, which I just found this morning at the Dollar General.

With everything else going on I have managed to begin putting together another video, which will be about a painting I’m about to begin. Look for that in coming weeks…or days, depending on how much time I put into it and how much the weather cooperates. In the meantime, take a look at my other Youtube videos and/or check out the galleries at my web page. Don’t forget to leave me a comment or Subscribe to my channel at Youtube if you haven’t already done that. Oh! And have a good Thanksgiving! Bye now!

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