Fall Season Is Here!

It is now the middle of October and the leaves and acorns are FALLing all over the place in Atmore. Since my last post in August I’ve been busy doing several videos documenting my attempts to perfect my silk screen printing process for printing limited edition prints on paper. The biggest challenge was getting the registration tabs to work for me using the setup that I have built. I believe I have control of it at this time and the following video is the final one showing me struggling, and eventually succeeding, with getting the registration system working like I want it to and completing the “Hwy 21” edition. I have also been working on my little lean-to patio cover in the back of my house. This will be screened in and covered with a tin roof to give me a nice little place to go sit and meditate in the mornings or early evening. The rain will sound good on the tin roof!

The idea for this print came way back in 2013 when I came to Atmore to visit and took many photos of the downtown area, just for this purpose. I ended up ‘squishing’ it a bit sideways to make it a ‘portrait’ aligned image rather than ‘landscape’. If you examined the original photo you could better understand what I did, but otherwise that distortion is not evident in the print. I chose to limit the value separations to just 4 so it would be easier for me to work with, since I was mostly experimenting with several processes at the same time. It turned out that 4 values/colors was just about right for this image. If you would like one I’m selling them for $40 each, signed and numbered.

The next print, which I have already begun, is from an image of the old American Legion sign on Main Street at Church Street. Before I can really get into that one I have a couple of paintings to complete. So stay tuned and keep watching my Youtube channel for video updates.

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  1. Don’t fall your old ass off that ladder!
    Enjoyed the video.
    Travis and Debra

  2. It’s a lot like watching Captain Kangaroo or Mr Rogers Neighborhood. Put me down for one of those prints.

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