March Winds Bring Sinus Misery

I don’t really understand what has happened to me these last few years. I never had allergy problems before about 10 years ago. Well, I correct that. I had only minor allergy issues previously. Now, as I age, it keeps getting worse each year. Add the pandemic of 2020 on top of that and I have become keenly aware of the sniffles when they arrive.

When I was 18 years old I had a buddy of mine throw a red clay encrusted piece of brick at me and hit me square on the nose. breaking said nose. He didn’t know there was a brick inside. Ever since then I have had a slightly off center proboscis. I think this contributes to complications in my right nostril with nosebleeds, congestion, etcetera, whenever allergy season starts each year.

Lennore Portrait Drawing

All that said and done, I have managed to complete a small commission portrait drawing for a friend down in Florida. She had a specific size requirement so I did a 12 x 16 piece on Rives BFK printmaking paper. Prior to getting that done, I continued to piddle around with the Lori painting making small enhancements and corrections here and there. That painting is in the process of curing and shortly I can put a thin layer of spray varnish over it to give it an even semi-gloss texture overall. It’s pretty big.

I now must move on to a set of small bird pieces for my brother Avis. He wants them small to hang in a hallway as a grouping. I will do pen and ink stipple drawings and then hand color with watercolor or color pencils. Haven’t decided yet on that. All I know is he wants 4 small bird pictures with one being a woodpecker. He already gave me a deposit, partial payment, on them so I can’t bale on him now. I gotta get them done.

Lori Painting

As I write this I am having yet another electrical issue with the house inside panel. The house power is driven by a 60 amp breaker/line and the inside panel has the 50amp breaker for the stove and six 20amp breakers running various circuits throughout the house and storage room by the carport. This electrically evil event has occurred three times now since last year and each time it surges power and kills several appliances or light fixtures or electronic devices. If it keeps up I wont need electricity because I won’t have anything that needs to run on it. Just one of the problems of living in a 72 year old house. The problem seems to be the main 60amp line running under the house to the inside panel. Maybe hungry mice or squirrels? The electrician is bringing his gorilla back tomorrow to pull that line and put a new one in!

That’s about it for now. I will update here as my progress continues on the bird pictures and the new silkscreen print which is also in process.

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  1. Looking good Phil.
    Thanks for letting me look.

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