Flaming Ford Done!

A few days ago I managed to print the 4th and final color (near black) on the Flaming Ford serigraph edition I’ve been working on. I printed 20 copies and only managed to mess up about 4 of those during the whole process. It was a learning experience and hopefully with the corrections I’ve made to my processes it will be a lower casualty rate next time. I signed and numbered all 20 but only 16 ended up in the edition. I made 4 of them just artist proofs, and will use them as gifts or display samples. I made a couple of short videos that you can find on Youtube if you go to mychannel.

Now that I have completed one print using all new equipment and processes, I will move on to the next print. The next 2 print images are already planned, taken from photos I took around my small town of Atmore. The first one is a cityscape depicting the main intersection in downtown Atmore near the railroad crossing at Main Street and Nashville Ave just 7 miles south of I-65. Main Street being AL Hwy 21 and Nashville being US Hwy 31. The image features the highway signage prominently. I have done the computer software work in separating the values in the image and had 6 values printed in black on white bond paper. I will soak the pages in common vegetable oil to make them more translucent for burning my screens, then apply photo emulsion to the 4 screens and expose them to get ready for printing. I’ll have to do all that after Thanksgiving now since I have plans to travel most of next week.

In the meantime I took the opportunity to begin laying down paint on the large canvas I’ve been saving and needing to do. Here is a pic of that progress so far. The image is a little girl’s round face, wearing a round straw hat and round colorful glasses. The repetition of the rounded shapes is what inspired me most for this image, that and the colorful glasses at the center of the composition encircling her eyes. I’ve been working on that painting now for a couple of days and it is therapeutic working with the direct painting method using oils and brushes. The smell of the oil and the paints alone makes me feel good! There are several odors that are very relaxing for me. One being fresh baked bread from the oven. One is the smell of leather, like in a horse barn or tack shop. Another one is that smell of art oil paints and linseed oil and turpentine all mixed up.

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  1. I like the combination of colors that you used. 👏

  2. I’m very impressed Phil!

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