Flaming Ford – 2nd and 3rd Colors

No video on this one! I tried to set it up to make a short video but my camera malfunctioned and I didn’t get a video. It turned out to be a bad SD card for storage of images, but I didn’t figure that out until later last night.

This post is just an update on the Flaming Ford print since it is mostly an experimental project using new processes, materials, and equipment for the first time. And I’m also re-acquainting myself with photo silk screen which I haven’t done much of, except tee shirts, since my college days back in 1980. Its a lot of fun, but very process oriented and many things to go wrong as I round the learning curve again, but with new materials.


This second and 3rd colors are merely value steps, and I chose the hot colors to remain with my original idea of making it a “Flaming” Ford image. The original Ford car that I am using for reference, was actually black. I broke the image down into 4 different values and created my screens to use 4 different colors representing the 4 values, going from the white of the paper and 4 shades of hot colors; light to dark. The first color printed was a yellow, very close to a school bus yellow. The second color I moved more into an orange. The 3rd was a deep bright brick red.


When printing that first color I realized my home made vacuum table needed a small switch on the side so I could turn the vacuum off and on as I needed to change the paper out for each squeegee run. I’m doing 20 prints. I rigged an electrical outlet with a switch and plugged in the vacuum to this outlet. Power comes from another cord running over to another power outlet behind me on the wall. It made this second printing session much easier!


When I was setting up my registration tabs for this second color run, I realized I had misplaced the little plastic tabs and had to make new ones. One of these broke right as I was printing the 13th print! I got so upset and flustered, I just chose to abort the session and clean up until I could make reliable registration tabs. I saw I was running low on orange ink as well. Once I calmed down and mixed a bit more ink and got my registration working, then the remaining 7 prints went a lot better.

The 3rd color went much better but I put that 3rd color on a screen that was really a sub standard screen. I knew it was too small when I built it. I had to make some adjustments to print and the image didn’t really have enough border inside the screen frame to work well. Consequently I quickly found some issues with too much ink pushing out at the bottom edge causing some splotching on some of the prints where ink got on the underside of the screen…where it didn’t belong. Now I know I just have to use better quality screen frames from now on.

I should finish it up in a day or so with that 4th color, which will be the darkest value; close to black actually. The next print will be done the same way but it will be a cityscape from a photo I took here in my home town of Atmore. Right now, I have to put my painter hat back on and get a large canvas painted that has been needing my attention for several years. More on that later.

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