A New Old Painting

Many years ago when I was attending the University of Florida getting my fine art degree in studio art, one of my personal projects was a portrait I did from a slide taken in Austria some 10 years prior. The subject was a fellow missionary in the Austrian mission, in my district at that time while we were working in Steyr. Our district, consisting of four missionaries, took a little scenic tour with some members of the branch one Saturday. We went on a train to a small valley and climbed around the hillsides and had a picnic lunch that day. I took the pic of Michael Arehart in front of an old barn. Years later, I pulled out my slides and found the picture to be a perfect reference for a painting project at Florida.

Arehart Painting

At some point in the last 20 years, I removed the painting from the stretcher bars and rolled it up. Then I forgot about it. Recently, as I was moving items and old art work, and materials out to my studio space, I came across the rolled up canvas. I decided it was time to bring Arehart out of the moth balls and re-stretch the canvas. I ordered some stretcher bars from Blick and yesterday I managed to get that old painting back on the stretcher bars and ready to hang up somewhere. I wish I knew where he was so I could give the painting to him!

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