Finally Some Progress…At Last

Well the “Anti-Muse” is gone. Vamoosed! Runoft! She found something better and no longer is with me. My 4th divorce was finalized on July 9th.

I suppose I can credit that event, and the ensuing emotional trauma attached thereto as something of a motivation to get back to work, but in reality its just all the free time I now have to think about what to do. Summer is here and its hot out in the studio these days, limiting my work hours to early morning before about noon. But I decided I had to finish the work I started.

The last few days I’ve been working on that last small bird painting, and its coming right along. It is the 4th in that series. This one is the small Painted Bunting seen below. 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas.

Once I have it all done, I have another grandchild who is now 11 and been waiting on a portrait since she was 8…or maybe before. Everyone knows I am slow, but often it seems like I have forgotten. But if you read this Ellie, I have never forgotten! I just have to decide what medium and how big to do her portrait.

That’s all for now. Progress is progress! No matter how slow. Right?

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