I got this table from an art supply store in Atlanta back in 1986. Binders is the name of the store. I worked at their picture framing production location in Buckhead at the time and this table was damaged merchandise that I got at a very good price. Since 1986 I have done many, many drawings and small paintings on this very table. Every time I moved to a new living arrangement I would dismantle this table and set it up again as the second piece of furniture…right after the bed, if I had a bed. Once or twice I ended up with just aRead More →

And going fast. Last week my old friend John Prine died due to covid-19 complications. He escaped death several times by cancer only to be taken by this foul virus crap from China. He passed away on April 7th after getting it a week or so earlier. The world is a much emptier place without John. Our only solace is that he left us tons of tunes and many videos of him performing and doing interviews. He loved to talk about his songs. And he loved writing them. We have been under a “stay at home” order by the governor for a while now andRead More →

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic and everybody is socially isolating I have, for some strange reason, been motivated to do some painting…that is more painting than my normal snail’s pace. It might have something to do with my wife being here at home since her company went on lock down and laid everyone off temporarily. I don’t have to cook and eat my own cooking right now. Plus…Well, we won’t go there but I must admit it is nice to have her back here doing what Juvy does. She still stays up way too late at night and sleeps half theRead More →