I added a new completed bird painting to the oil painting gallery today. It’s been in the works for a while, but now its done. The Great Tit painting. If you get a chance check out the whole gallery. The plan is to do 2 more of these birds for a set of 4. Right now I have begun a new portrait for a commission. That one is taking a bit more perseverance but it is well on its way. No pics of it yet as it is not at a point that is presentable yet.

Great Tit bird oil painting

Another project that I am beginning is my idea of painting on masonite panels using unfolded store product packaging, like crackers and cereal, as reference. I have saved numerous sizes and shapes of those boxes for the last 5 years with this idea in mind. We’ll see how it goes. These will be done using several mediums; oil paint, silkscreen and possibly pencil as well…color pencil. Below is the first panel I’ve built for one of those pieces. It is taken from the unfolded cereal box beside it there. Lloyd says I am eccentric. This might just validate that theory.

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