New Stuff

By stuff I mean new brushes. I got me a few new small brushes. These little babies are not cheap either. I had to go out of my social isolation mode and venture over to the Hobby Lobby in Daphne to pick up a can of spray mount. I noticed a sign that said, “all brushes 1/2 price”, and I had to get a few. As you can see in the background I need them for a current project.

Phil with new brushes

This project, along with coronavirus anxiety, is jamming up my mojo somewhat. I am NOT having fun with it…but I AM working on it from time to time and buying new supplies helps to reinvigorate my excitement for painting these days. If the new brushes don’t get me far enough along, I may have to go get a new big tube of white paint. I can always use a big tube of white paint, even though it costs about $37 and 3 rolls of toilet paper. That’s pricey!

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