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My style is process oriented and image transformed; at least that’s what I call it. The paintings and drawings usually derive from photographic based reference but develop through several processes to end up with the final work. I don’t simply paint or draw a copy of a photo. Many people think I do that, but I don’t. I use the photographic reference as a “jumping off” place to create something visually different but still a representation of something or someone in the real world. My visual art interests lie mainly in doing faces and patterns.

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With many, many years of experience and background in art and handling of the arts, my work is uniquely original yet varied in media and styles. I just don’t do enough of it. See my “About” page.

Phil, we have your drawing of our family above the fireplace, and we can’t stop looking at it!

-Jan Umberger – Georgia
  • Flaming Ford Done!

  • gator

    Flaming Ford – 2nd and 3rd Colors

  • The First Color Done

  • Workshop/Studio Changes