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Graphite Portrait Drawings – I started doing these large pencil drawings of people back in 1980. When my brother, the salesman, saw them, he wanted to sell some for me, thus began my quasi-career at doing portrait drawings.

Oil Painting Portraits – While I was in Atlanta I began doing portraits and other images in oils. I developed my own nontraditional techniques and this is where I am now, style wise.

Prints – When I attended art college back in 1978-1980 at the University of Florida, I majored in Printmaking Studio Arts. I have always loved the process oriented medium and working through the making of multiple prints of a chosen image. I am back into that now with some linocuts but mostly serigraphs.

Oil Paintings – I don’t always want to paint portraits. Sometimes I do other subjects, like fruit, or birds. It kind of frees me up to not be so strict with a likeness that I have with portraits.

Misc Graphite Drawings – Sometimes I get inspired to just do a graphite pencil drawing of a still life or animals or shirts, or anything beside people. This gives me a chance to deal with value and shapes mostly while practicing discipline with the pencil point only.

Pen and Ink Drawings – Stipple drawing is the technique of applying tiny dots in varying densities on the page to create values. Its done with pens and I like this technique.